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Birthday Boy

What better way to celebrate than by hanging out with your two favorite people in the world, “Mom” and “Dad”!  Blowing bubbles, playing in the sand, and taking some first steps – with a little help from your favorite push along truck : )  I certainly can’t think of one!

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Happy Easter

What a perfect day.  A neighbor of mine was kind enough to invite us over for an Easter lunch (yummy!) that turned out to be so much fun!  We got to meet some brand new friends, and and finally get to know of the neighbors (by name!) that we’ve been smiling and waving too for the past 3 years!  The food was delicious, the kids were a delight to watch (as usual) and I can’t think of a better way to have spent the afternoon.

Ella made a new friend too, and had a great time playing hide-and seek, “I spy”, and then the grand finale, the Easter egg hunt!  Julian was in his own personal heaven following “Roxy” the little Maltese around, and exploring his new surroundings.  He also enjoyed the Easter egg hunt, although he couldn’t keep up with the girls, he trailed behind picking up (and of course eating) some of the candy that was falling out of the eggs in their haste – what a smart little guy!  I hope you all had a wonderful Easter too!

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Look who’s walking, look who’s talking, look who’s turning ONE!  Some of you might remember this sweet face from my very first post!  It seems like only yesterday he was just a bump in his mommy’s tummy and we were all sitting around talking about his arrival. What a wonderful day we had, some more of that beautiful weather, delicious cake and yummy cookies, and lots of family and friends to celebrate with – oh, and let’s not forget the tattoos!

I had so much fun following this little guy around, his smile is just infectious.  “Happy Birthday” Samuel, and thanks to mom and dad for letting us be part of your celebration.  Look for your CD of all the images in the mail, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoyed your sneak peek!

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A Beautiful Day

After weeks of cold, and rain, and snow, and rain, and more snow…….finally, out came the sun!  Like many of you, the first thing we did was hit the park!  There were joggers, bikers, skaters, people walking their dogs, dogs walking their people, and of course, lots and lots of photos!  Here is a peek at some of the fun we had.

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Happy Valentines Day

Compliments of Ella, age 5.

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Okay, here’s one for all of you Tennessee fans out there.  While nestled all snug in his bed, this little one has visions of national championships dancing in his head!  Although, after our session this past weekend, I find it quite hard to imagine this active little guy doing much snoozing at all!  Only two weeks old, and baby L. was wide eyed, full of spunk, and obviously felt there was way too much going on in his new world to wast time on something like a nap.  Congratulations mom and dad!  Here are a couple of sneak peeks too hold you over until our preview.  Enjoy!

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Snow Day!

Yes, that’s snow, and yes, these were taken right here in Atlanta!  It’s not often that you get to have your photos taken in the snow when you live in Georgia, but we were lucky enough to take advantage of this rare occasion last week.  I’m telling you, nothing is better than watching a little one run around and experience this new white wonderland!  I hope you all went out and had some fun too.  Here is a sneak peek for mom and dad, Enjoy!

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“Welcome” Baby John

Wow!  What a way to start out my new year, by being invited to photograph this little angel!  What a sweetheart he was, just cooing, and looking around, so laid back, so sweet, and so loved by his new family!  That’s one of the things that I love about my job, meeting wonderful families like this one, and watching how in awe, and in love they are with their new little blessings.  So let’s “welcome” Baby John, and congratulate his family on his arrival.  Here are some sneak peeks for Mom, and I hope you all enjoy them too.

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Christmas Snow

Hello everyone,

It’s been a busy holiday, a busy year really, and like most of you I’m sure, I don’t know where this past year has gone.  I’ve been blessed with many things this year, the start of my business, the health of my family, the new addition to my family (Happy Birthday Julian!), and so much more.  Of course, all of these wonderful things take time, and although I love this new and exciting journey that’s begun, I often find myself short on time to capture my own loved ones on film!  So……..while on a much needed Christmas vacation to Illinois, I took the time to sit back, enjoy, and capture some excitement, fun, and delight of my three favorite subjects.  It’s not often I get a chance to post some of my own, so here you go, I hope you enjoy.  “Happy New Year” – I look forward to working with you all again in 2010!

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An Apple a Day!

Wow, what a gorgeous day!  Just when I think I can’t possibly have any more fun, along come these two girlie girl, apple eating, ” ring-around-the-rosie” playing, delights!  Is it a coincidence that in this month of giving thanks, I have SO MUCH to be thankful for?  I’m thankful for the gorgeous weather we’ve been having, my exciting new journey into photography, and the ongoing support from my family and friends (especially my husband!).  Thanks to all of you for sharing your families with me, and giving me the privilege of capturing these very special moments.











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