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This SUPER family!!!!  I always have fun with my clients, but this past Sunday definitely just raised the  bar.  We started off with some routine photos just to warm everyone up, and then Mom asked if they could do a wardrobe change.  Little did I know that meant they were going to find the nearest telephone booth and come back as super fun super heros!   THIS is what happens when you step back and just let families interact with each other.  It’s pure magic, and no class or reading material on “posing” your clients will ever render results like this.  Honestly, I could have kept on photographing them all evening!  And the best part is that each time they look back through these photos they will experience the same smiles and the same joy that they experienced that day (and so will I!).

So…..new clients, old clients, whoever is reading this, let this be your example, not only for professional photo sessions, but just day to day, get out your pocket camera or even your smartphone will do.    Find what works for your family, think about what you enjoy, what makes you smile, and go out and have some fun.  We may not all have Superman T’s (although I have to admit that I do), but we all have hobbies, favorite spots to visit, and family traditions that are important to us, so get movin’ and go make some memories!

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