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Long Overdue

I could give you a long list of excuses on why I have been horribly behind in my blog BUT instead I think I will just say –  I am going to try and do better!  So lets start it off with this AMAZING session I had at the Grant Park Coffee House.  The two little ladies making their debut in modeling are the lovely Salomae and my very own Ella!  They did such an great job as we worked at building our portfolio to include some amazing gallery wraps for the coffee shop.  Over a year ago Rahel (the owner of this place of yummy goodness) was kind enough to hear me out as I described my “vision” for the huge empty wall in her shop.  It was literally my blank canvas, and without her trust and confidence in me this final product would never have been possible.  If you get a chance come on down and check it out in person, and while you’re there grab a cup of coffee, or a scoop of ice-cream, or one of the best scones you’ll ever taste, or a brownie, or……well, good luck deciding!

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