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Anique just turned 5!  In her family, that means it’s your turn to put on “the” beautiful white dress, have your portrait done, and then added to the very special wall at Grandma’s house!  For those of you who have worked with me, you know that “sitting” for a portrait is not my forte’, and I don’t even pretend to be good at it!  But SOMEHOW, we managed to make Grandma happy by keeping with the tradition, AND getting some gorgeous smiles (and lots of giggles too) from Anique.  Maybe it was the beautiful weather we had that day, or maybe it was how the combination of the trees and her fancy dress made her look like a little woodland fairy.  It might even have had something to do with our talk of her plans to get her first puppy someday – a pink polka dot, yellow tailed, blue-footed poodle!!!  Whatever it was, the important thing is that we all had a lot of fun doing it.  I look forward to seeing that same dress again, two years from now, when her little sister turns 5.

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