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Ahoy Matees!  Ella and Julian were invited to a “Pirate Play Date” last weekend and of course I couldn’t resist capturing one of them in their pirate attire.  It was so much fun, there was a treasure hunt, jewelry making, tattoos (Ella was all over that one!) and a real pirate ship for the kids to play on.  Ella borrowed some pirate gear from one of her mates (thanks Bryce!), completed the look with a few of her own stylish accessories and some color coordinating, grabbed her sword and we set sail! For those of you who know Ella, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that our little lassie made one heck of a captain!  The whole family had a great time, and Ella wore her bandana and brandished her sword for the following week.

P.S.  We were all calling Julian “Mr. Schmee”!


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